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     Do I have to act like fairy to be natural?

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Default Do I have to act like fairy to be natural?

As some of you may know, I am in the AA online Beta version. Thats ArsAmorata not Alcoholic Anonymous. Anyways, I've been truly digging the ideas, the concepts of visualization, and controlling your intention for life with women and all things. I believe the spirit of the approach, or rather your "new" automatic state, is very positive and honest with self and others. Very introspective and self possessing stuff and I'd recommend it to anyone.

HOWEVER.... I've been noticing that several guys on that site, and on this forum as well, tend to say things that are very... fu fu. It sounds like they came straight out of a la-la-land that was filled with unicorns and all the ecstasy you could handle. Now me being a noob at this game there is only one thing that I could do about this mindset of theirs without sounding like an arrogant fool and that is to question myself first.

Is it me that is not getting it? Is it me that is somehow misunderstanding what Zan and Hans are teaching? I mean, I have done all the missions asked of me with a fanatical zeal and I have learned and experienced so many things in the last month and a half. At the same time, I still feel like that same man inside, the same person. I don't feel cheesy, I feel like the same old Chava that loves to ride crotch rockets and get his hands dirty etc etc. Am I supposed to turn into a pompous dignitary in order to have natural game? Be honest. Do I have to act like Romeo?

I've been approaching girls by the bucket and I have done it with my "new" natural and positive state, but in reality I feel like ME still, in a good way. Don't get me wrong, now that I found this new peace inside me I will politely ask a guy to get the fk off of my bike. In reality though if he doesn't I may be liable to throw down. I don't think the raw part of me will ever go away, and to tell you the truth I dont want it to. I NEED it there in the background. Thats how I feel anyways...
"The mind is everything. What you think you become."
~ Buddha ~
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YES!!! Release your Inner Fairy Brother Chava.
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Well you seem like one of the most "natural" guys posting on this forum.

By that I mean, it seems like you post from the heart and using your own reasoning. You don't sound like some regurgitated guru and his ideas.

I don't see how acting like Zan is "natural"?
The guys that last in this business, are the guys who fly straight. Low-key, quiet. But the guys who want it all, chicas, champagne, flash... they don't last
- Scarface
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"Every women's desire is different, as is every man's skill."-Don Juan

There is nothing you need to fix here, Chava. Keep doing what you're doing. Be yourself, whatever that means to you.
Outlaws. That was the name given to those with only freedom as their guide.
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The best way to be natural is being happy while being yourself.
Don't let self-doubt interfere with your plans to improve your life.
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You understand how it goes, you get it, and you act naturally but you haven't had more life experiances to be more interesting. You know, hanging out with different people of all circles, more girls etc you learn more in life and you become more interesting as a person. I think most of the naturals in this site are fairly old, not in their 20's like you seem.

Accept people and especially women, live your life naturally and the more experiances you have the more you will grow as a person and develop your style, learn more about the alien sex and then you'll be an "Amorati". You might discover you are not even interested in being an Amorati.

In this world there are "cooked" people and "raw" people (we say in our country). People who are cooked by society are people who had many life experiances and they are made into a unique personality. They might hang out with gangs and be macho or might hang out with pretentious social robots and be like that. Your experiances shape you. If your experiances involve hanging out with women and you like to wait for natural attraction to occur then you are being shaped into an Amorati. A person who understands women. Who can speak women language. Who feels them. You'll be able to talk to women you don't know and seduce them and it's all gonna happen naturally, there's not going to be anything you need to, a "technique" to follow. You are a friend of women, you love them, in how Zan tries to say it...

But are you really a friend of women??? I know i'm not, I like them yea, have sex with them, but I never been friends with them. I don't know shit!. And I would sure love to get to know them. I wanna hang out with them more and with people more in general, see how different the world is, how each person views the world. How each woman views the world!

If it's not your style to talk rainbow and unicorn like you say then don't. It doesn't matter with women...

That's my understanding of what this Natural Game is all about, so far. But i'm high right now!

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If that's what natural feels like to you...

my best friend is very "effeminate" and therefore is seemingly like a "fairy", but... that gets him basically any girl he wants, even if they claim to be more lesbian

Either way, don't change or inhibit yourself. Once you are comfortable in your skin, you'll be naturally confident and that's what really matters. Once you don't have to "think" about "being yourself" you can focus on other matters xD
"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." - Buddha
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thug poet
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I loled so hard... I mean hard like cracking up... but only cause I agree these guys act really.... johnny deep -ish and not public enemies johnny deep but pirate johnny.... (reference intended)

the definition used to describe naturals is someone who has no 'pua knowledge' who still is about to pull girls, and most naturals I know do follow any of the ten traits of a natural but still pull girls

there are no set rules to being a natural.... but there are certain things that anyone needs to be good with women



sexual intent

at the end pf the day all the routines, all the tricks wont mean shit if you dont push the envelop

build your personality are these and women will come... I love sports, rap and I hate twilight and pirates doesn't mean I cant be natural, just means I am unique ( which we all should be in the first place )
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The Patient
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Understandable why you feel the way you do, Chava.

Not once during the time I got into the seduction community did I want to emulate the heavy hitters in it. I agreed with certain principles, and I took whatever advice I thought was useful and not "angel fluff".

I have my own issues to take care of when it comes to matters of the heart. I posted a thread a couple of days ago concerning my stance in putting my heart out there.

When it comes to Zan's principles..I actually agree with some, most especially the "love women" part. BUT, I have always loved women, and I don't need him to tell me to do so in order to be loved by them. What I do like is that he's one of, if not, the only dude in the community who preaches this.

Zan's stuff is very refreshing, but as you already pointed out..it's waaaay too "Hollywood Adonis" for some of us to digest. Which is why I follow my own path, my own "natural" path..because what I have is what has been given to me...and if something is off, I'll fix it.

The way you are is good enough, the raw person that you are IS your natural self, but with the added ingredient of your new positive state. All in all you are still you, just better than you were yesterday.
You will curse me, resent me, mock me, be revolted by me and reject me...perhaps, even hate me. But, that's just what I am.
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Hey some guys on here are poets. There's nothing fu fu about it. Just think of it as a metaphor. Like staying in the light for example just means that you shouldn't hide yourself in the shadows even if the girl turns you down. Let your intention be out there and be bold about it.
Isn't it funny when you don't want anything, it get's forced down your throat? Even at a party, dinner or picnic, people are trying to feed you even when you say your full. I had a hard time with this concept a few year's ago when a female friend of mine told me tell women that "I just want to be friends".
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