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     So, You Really Think You're In Control ... ?

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Originally Posted by Bobolov View Post
Yes, most of these studies relate to people overestimating the likelihood of a good event haiphong
Haiphong? As in the Vietnamese City??

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Originally Posted by Passion View Post
BTW I'm interested in hearing what Sean has to say on this. I know he has a bit of a scientific mind.
I'd love to watch it but the player only works if you're in the UK! Grrr..
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Fire Dragon
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Shame the link doesn't work Stateside.

In regard to the optimism nuances noted in the programme, it was along the lines of people indulging in certain vices, knowing there are risks, but thinking that they are somehow exempt from any negative effect. They highlighted things like drug use, unprotected sex, etc. and identified the self-destruct patterns that some people have.

Rather than judge the potential fallout or condemn it as arrogant or ignorant or whatever you usually hear, the scientists offered an alternative perspective, which was that we are all intrinsically optimistic. They ran a series of about 50 questions, under MRI conditions, asking the participant to place a percentage value on how much they thought the probability of x, y, or z happening to them would be. Common fears, concerns, and so on. Every single person rated their chances optimistically. There was more to it, and I'm a little short of time, but that's it in a nutshell.
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Originally Posted by nitiraj View Post
I want to make a request to you. I am tired of the same advice that you give here. I suggest proposing something new based on what YOU experienced through life, not just what Ars Amorata taught you. Who am I and what do I want have already been mentioned by you in the past. I hope that you'll not take what I said personally because it's not meant to be an attack but just a constructive criticism.
The reason why I put so much into it, is because it has completely changed me. I love the message, and if people were to know what I know, then perhaps they would spare some time.

I was a bit put off by your post, and I it made me realize something. I do not come here often anymore, and that is based by the sole solution that nothing read here will actually make you any more attractive or happy. And yes, perhaps I should share more experiences here.

What I have done with the ars amorata message? It has made me realize what is important in life, and it has made me realize that I am never going to play safe again(this means that I do not choose in line with what my parents wants me to do, they want me to study and get a degree, I want to travel and make experiences). Life is to short to play small, and do stuff you do not really want. It has made me to stop holding back(If I feel that something is too obvious to share with a woman or people in general, I am going to let them know this. Why do we hold back? I have for the better part of my life held back everything that is attractive about me, because I thought I needed to be something/someone else to be attractive and get people to like me. This means that I put up a shield, and never acted within my natural instinct. In my past life, I would be to shy to even talk to a girl I liked, to later(many years after) find out that they really liked me. How crazy is that?

I am no longer afraid of letting women know I want to fuck them, I am no longer afraid of showing that I want her, and I am no longer afraid to go over and talk to her. I am of course nervous/anxious when I approach a new woman, but it quickly fades away. You know that nervousness? Well, that makes me even more attractive, I've heard.

Things are starting to get better, I make a lot of mistakes, but the only way is forward.
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